New Coronavirus Procedures

To protect our customers and staff we ask all customers to  comply with the following procedures .

  • If possible, please print up a booking in form, photocopy the vet records and place back to back in a plastic wallet.
  • Bring with you latex gloves and a mask if you have them.
  • If you have no latex gloves we will give you a pair.
  • In the present situation we are asking customers to give us an exact time for arrival and collection so that all customers arrive  separately.  Please arrive at your allocated time and remain in your car until advised to get out
  • Please keep a distance of 2M at all times, placing anything you are handing over to us on the bench outside the Kennel Office. 

Dropping off Dogs

  • Once we have checked the paperwork we will ask you to attach your dog to a secure lead just inside the first kennel gate.  We will open this gate for you. Once your dog is attached, please exit through the gate and we will close it behind you.
  • We will take the dog to its allocated kennel, removing it's collar once safely inside its kennel. we will keep the collar here. 

Collecting Dogs

  • We will put your dog's collar on and then attach to the secure points just inside the first gate.  We will open this gate for you and close behind you whilst you  attach your own leads to your dog's collar. We will open the gate for you and let you and your dog out. 
  • In some instances we may put your dog directly into your car. 

Dropping off  Cats

  • Once we have checked the paperwork we will ask you to place your cat in it's basket on the bench and we will then take down to it's chalet. 

Collecting Cats

  • We will bring the cat in it's basket and place on the bench for you.
  • In some instances we may ask you to collect your cat from it's chalet but please be Covid aware whilst doing so.